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(no subject)
so school officially started on wed, but my timetable is awesome so school started on thursday.. ff and fmkt tutorials boring boring.. after school, jas,tb,ben and i went down to vivo to grab a bite and walk around..
BERNIE WANTS THIS BAG FROM ALDO. but the material of the white part of the bag is less-than-awesome so decided against it. barh. anyhows we eventually ended up at num like we always do. heh. candy empire! bought the honey macademias for mumsie :)
went down to ubi to register for driving lesson!!!! first lesson on sunday! whoopie! :))

i did a silly and came to school a quarter past 9, thinking that ma class was at 9 (when it actually starts at 10) so since i was late, went to the lib straight to finalise the ma project.. passed the cd to ambrose.. GOODBYE MA! headed off for gems.. ZzzzZzzZz.. and then to fmkt tutorial. derek announced those from ft who were shortlisted for the creditsuisse interview.. the rest of us still have no clue where we're gonna spend our holidays slaving ourselves yet :P
justine and abby are gg thailand next week, and the rest of them, during the holidays..
ROAR. i want my russian adventure please.

met up with the girlies at simpang, justine nic and abby had awesome cupcakes for us.. i like rainbow sprinkles :) :):):) two really sweet kitty cats were near us.. such darlings :) ally went snap happy with justine's camera.. lol..
llovelovelove my girlies to bits :)

last week of school next week, and then study break and then exams! then i can go party like a rockstarr. hawhawhaw.

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Bernie! haha
how's everyone?!?!?!
abit late but happy new year! haha


i wanna learn how to drive too!!
i'll be awesome swear

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