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(no subject)
After sleeping/watching tv/surfing the net aimlessly for the entire satur-day like nic did, the both of us decided to get our arses outta the house and headed down to downtown east. we reached the place and we went "WOAH!" haha.. we're pasir ris kids mind you.. lol.. had dinner at teashire which is actually barks but yea.. thank gawd we went out. lol.

went to the church of the nativity on sunday, and then to hougang mall for lunch. CAFE CARTEL there, my goodness the service was like horrendous. :(

brought the doggie to pasir ris beach with my parents.. what a sight we were..

then to dinner with jas, cheyang and abel.
and then mahjong.
gawd i laughed like a crazy mental patient till my tummy hurt.
mercy came down too.. chatted awhile about sec sch things.. so silly.. went off for ba chor mee in the wee hours of the morning :)

got home and wrote the articles i owed froozie.. and i havent slept -_-
dinner with the girlies on thursday hello popeyes.
zouk with shers on friday possibly..

hello study buddies. we need to start soon.

and the last liner of the day! LOVE YOU ABBY! because abby shi wo de hao pen you. :)