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(no subject)
one paper down. three more to go. :P

i wish

(no subject)
7 more days to go!!!!!!!!!!! :)

(no subject)
After sleeping/watching tv/surfing the net aimlessly for the entire satur-day like nic did, the both of us decided to get our arses outta the house and headed down to downtown east. we reached the place and we went "WOAH!" haha.. we're pasir ris kids mind you.. lol.. had dinner at teashire which is actually barks but yea.. thank gawd we went out. lol.

went to the church of the nativity on sunday, and then to hougang mall for lunch. CAFE CARTEL there, my goodness the service was like horrendous. :(

brought the doggie to pasir ris beach with my parents.. what a sight we were..

then to dinner with jas, cheyang and abel.
and then mahjong.
gawd i laughed like a crazy mental patient till my tummy hurt.
mercy came down too.. chatted awhile about sec sch things.. so silly.. went off for ba chor mee in the wee hours of the morning :)

got home and wrote the articles i owed froozie.. and i havent slept -_-
dinner with the girlies on thursday hello popeyes.
zouk with shers on friday possibly..

hello study buddies. we need to start soon.

and the last liner of the day! LOVE YOU ABBY! because abby shi wo de hao pen you. :)

(no subject)
first day of attachment!!
awesome colleagues :)
got a lil lost trying to find the shuttle bus to cityhall.. gosh.
the place is like humongous..
met up with abel and jonan for dinner..

nownownow. im off to bed to see how long i can keep up with this crazy 5am routine. goodnight world!

(no subject)
just got back from siglap..
for 3 credit units, its a chore to study for
thank god for those two, crack me up i swear


thursday last paper woohooo!!!

the first thing mum told me when i got home
what ah huangs daddy told my daddy..


(no subject)
im missing my two lovelies in thailand :(
blaw project to be handed up today!
time to mug for exams.. -_-
itp starting in a months time.. looking forward to it even though NZ would have been better.
which reminds me. i need a holiday. omg.


(no subject)
shopping spree from victoria secrets just now:)
mumsies most awesommmmmeeee! :):):):):)

now back to blaw project -_-zz

(no subject)
so school officially started on wed, but my timetable is awesome so school started on thursday.. ff and fmkt tutorials boring boring.. after school, jas,tb,ben and i went down to vivo to grab a bite and walk around..
BERNIE WANTS THIS BAG FROM ALDO. but the material of the white part of the bag is less-than-awesome so decided against it. barh. anyhows we eventually ended up at num like we always do. heh. candy empire! bought the honey macademias for mumsie :)
went down to ubi to register for driving lesson!!!! first lesson on sunday! whoopie! :))

i did a silly and came to school a quarter past 9, thinking that ma class was at 9 (when it actually starts at 10) so since i was late, went to the lib straight to finalise the ma project.. passed the cd to ambrose.. GOODBYE MA! headed off for gems.. ZzzzZzzZz.. and then to fmkt tutorial. derek announced those from ft who were shortlisted for the creditsuisse interview.. the rest of us still have no clue where we're gonna spend our holidays slaving ourselves yet :P
justine and abby are gg thailand next week, and the rest of them, during the holidays..
ROAR. i want my russian adventure please.

met up with the girlies at simpang, justine nic and abby had awesome cupcakes for us.. i like rainbow sprinkles :) :):):) two really sweet kitty cats were near us.. such darlings :) ally went snap happy with justine's camera.. lol..
llovelovelove my girlies to bits :)

last week of school next week, and then study break and then exams! then i can go party like a rockstarr. hawhawhaw.

new years eve!
in the morning daddy and i brought the doggie to the vet.. uber long wait for the blood test thank god nothing was wrong! rushed off in the TAXI to suntec to meet mx,luq and jas for ma project.. pretty speedy it was.. TAXI from station to home cause i anticipated my being late to meet the rest after.. took my own sweet time in the shower and with the hair iron then i saw the time. my gawd. TAXI to white sands to meet shaun, daph,mel,julian. they waited for me for uber long my goodness im realllly sorry!
had a major issue with my shoes cause they didnt match, so mel daph and i went speedy shoe shopping :)
TAXI to scruffy murphy's for claire's birthday dinner.. cosy dinner :) and we bluffed her -- no cake no prezzie and clarence pretended that he was gonna bring her home straight after dinner. gawd you shoulda seen her face :P HI CLAIRE WE LOVE YOU!! so in the end with the cake and her bag of presents ready we made her come back in again.lol.
TAXI to clark quay and the we walked to butterfactory. the queue was so frigging long! lucky for us ally was standing in front so we cut.. heheh..
was abit too high and silly to restrain myself from screaming.. hahaha.. anyhows, shane,russ,jo and their friend were there too..
it was pretty awesome besides the really crowded dancefloor but u see when people shove u u shove them back so we had a decent amt of space for ourselves..
this close to wardrobe malfunction. i learnt my lesson! *thanks tiff and nic:)*
at ard 3-30 i got really hungry but gladys wldnt let us leave cause earlier on i insisted that we stay till closing hahahah.. anyhows we got out had supper opp 7-11 and TAXI back home :)
bathed check my email and slept till ard 6pm. hahahahaaha. super piggy.

dont think i'll make any resolutions this year, i never do stick to them anyhows :P
Happy New Year everyone!!

FOOD. omg. keep them away from me!
christmas eve
glo,claire,daph,mel and i met at roots to get our hair done.. stella is duper awesome with hair styling :)
headed off to meet shaun,jon and sher.. we got our asses down to brazil@six ave. julian and fonz met us there too.
realllllly yummy FOOD. i had a first. eating chicken hearts. heh. dinner was filling. and i mean FILLING. whoo! we were given silly party hats and party toys.. haha.. pictures pictures pictures! we cabbed back to church for the midnight mass.. we got our seats and all.. really sleepy.. tiff and ally sat with us too :)

merry christmas everybody!
went to church at 11 for pre-mass practice.. sang for 12-30 mass.. the kids were really sweet :) thanks loves! lunch with the yzelman family. hohoho. MORE FOOD. afetr lunch we headed down to aunty pauline and uncle geoff's house for the usual family cathing up and dinner.. played mahjong with glo, cyril and yung(rachel's "friend") .. haha.. we had dinner(FOOD) which was super yummy yo! polariods of everybody :) i had loads of fun snapping away! :)) anyhoooows!
Merry Christmas one and all!!!

a slice of beef topside for you sir? how about the rump? oh and lamb?